Learn English & Learn Spanish abroad

    It’s easier, quicker, and achieves better results. You will be more inspired and have more fun while getting to know new people, culture and language. Learning a language is about much more than just grammar and structure, it is about learning how to relate and communicate with the people who speak it. These are the things you will achieve from studying abroad.
    At ZENMA you will find more than 25 language courses, flexible start dates, and a wide range of accommodation options from host families to student residences and apartments. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our course catalogue, Zenma offers customised programs to address the exact needs of any group or individual.


Spain has everything you are looking for as a great place to live, study and have fun: good weather , a vibrant social life, excellent cuisine, friendly people, rich culture and traditions, a fascinating history, and a varied landscape.


Latin America, home to more than 590 million inhabitants, is a diverse landscape united by a common language: Spanish. Each country and region has something different to offer – be it cultural, ethnic or geographic. Dominating the Spanish language will allow you to get to know Latin America more intimately.


Philippines is a tropical paradise offering fascinating nature, active and diverse night life, world class tourism infrastructures, historical sites, white sand beaches and dive spots, hospitable mixed-culture… Philippines has everything to make your stay here unforgettable.



“Study in Spain was the most wonderful experience that I ever had. ZENMA had helped me to find the nice school in Granada and Salamanca. I’ve improved my Spanish during 6 months in this 2 different cities. The teachers were very patient with me all the time, always glad to answer me any questions. Also the school organised many activities such as Salsa, art and crafts… Anyway, I was and still am very happy that I made the decision to study in Spain. It left me an unforgettable memory in my life long.”
“From the first day, I can only speak well about CIP. Even though I almost couldn’t speak English, everyone cared for me well. I think it is a very big family. Teachers are always ready to help with the English, and staff are ready to do whatever it takes. I can only say thank you to everyone. For me CIP set a very good experience. It is my first time to share everyday with people in different cultures. CIP is really a great place to learn English especially for me as a beginner. ”