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Study in Philippines

– In 2012 and 2013, Global English ranked the Philippines the world’s number 1 country in BUSINESS ENGLISH –


Enrolling in our accredited schools you will:

    – Study with students from all over the world.
    – Study in an English-Speaking country in the heart of South-East Asia.
    – Learn faster through the most effective teaching method.
    – Get the right balance between study and leisure.
    – Get the right English program to answer your needs.
    – Enjoy target, meaningful and purposeful classes.
    – Study with TESOL trained teachers.
    – Get support from multi-cultural (Chinese) Management.
    – Save money.
    – Stay in Great campus and study environment.


    One of the main advantages of learning a language abroad is that you can practice the language you are studying on a daily basis. The extra-curricular activities offered by the schools help to build a relaxed and motivating environment in which to meet and practice the language with other students. This is the reason why schools offer a range of cultural and sporting activities in addition to the quality courses that have built their reputation. A key part of your language travel experience happens once classes are over.
    The best way to practice your new language skills is to get out and use them in the real world. We know you will also want to find out about the country you are visiting, to sample the lifestyle of her people and to explore the area.
    Each of our school excels in providing social and leisure activities that are fun, engaging and good value for money.
    Most of our partner schools provide information about what to do and to see on weekends. They can help booking transportation and accommodation to make students life easier.


Island Hoping


    You can have a chance to experience the natural environment like the coral islands (while) across the sea. Through snorkeling, you will feed thousands of tropical fishes and try eating see food in the Marine restaurant. Also it is possible to enjoy Ocean Sports such as jet ski, banana boat, Kayak and Parasailing.



    During the study period, students can enjoy Golf in a blue sky and green grass environment, which will remove stress from studying.

Scuba Diving


    The Philippines Sea is considered to have the most beautiful seas to enjoy Scuba Diving because of many tropical fishes and amazing sights. You can learn with cheaper expenses and experience diving in the famous diving spots in the Philippines. After learning the basic knowledge and skills, you can have a Scuba Diving License too.

Voluntary Activity


    Students will have the opportunity to engage in a rewarding volunteer service while continuing their English education. From medical services to protecting the nature, volunteer activities broaden horizons through new experiences and allow the students to serve in various fields.