“The smile of Asia” is the nickname that has long been rightfully given to the Philippines. People there have a “catching happiness” that will make your stay here unforgettable. That also explains why the country has become popular within a few years and why it is now the new hub for English education in Asia.
    With more than 7000 islands, the Philippines is a beach bum’s delight. There’s an island to suit every taste, from marooned slicks of sand in the middle of the ocean to sprawling mega-islands like Luzon and Mindanao. From the City of Angel Clark to the paradise Boracay, you will see how Philippines could amaze you with such different wonderful landscape
    The Philippines isn’t just about finding an isolated beach and getting catatonic. From kayaking to kiteboarding to canyoning to spelunking, the Philippines can capably raise any adrenaline junkie’s pulse. While surfers are just catching on to the tasty (if fickle) waves that form on both coasts, divers have long been enamoured of the country’s underwater charms.
    What’s more? The Philippines is just a box of surprises which you could discover little by little during your study in these destinations.

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