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ESL General English

    Our General and Intensive English Courses give you a good grounding in relevant, modern English to give you confidence and ability in a wide range of day-to-day situations
    General English is our basic English course which is ideal if you want to improve your language skills while having plenty of free time on your language holiday. You will study all the key skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, and the course includes grammar and vocabulary too. The focus is on spoken English for everyday situations.


    The language courses for children and young learners are especially designed for students between 4 and 17years old who wish to learn or improve a foreign language abroad and reach quick and effective results.


    For those students who want to practice what they have learned in the school in a real working environment, you should not miss this one. Combined the 12weeks ESL course for English skill Confidence and Improvement and 4 weeks on-the-job training, this program will help you to practice your major knowledge and English skill in a real situation.

Business English

    If your motivation is effective communication in business these are the courses for you. Please keep in mind that we can also tailor private lessons to your specific job.The course is suitable for students who would like to be effective communicators in a variety of business contexts.
    Our Business English Course is topic based and designed to provide a flexible learning program. The lessons are largely task based and are planned to extend vocabulary, improve pronunciation, provide practice and develop confidence and fluency in a lively and communicative way.

Specific courses

    These types of courses provide intensive language practice in specific subjects. Our partner schools offer a variety of specific courses focusing on different professional domains: finance, law, banking, marketing, maritime industry, tourism industry, nursing, medical terminology, etc.

3+1 Program

    This 3+1 Program wich means a unique living arrangement of students with a room teacher is a typical Baguio Program. As a special accommodation arrangement, room teachers also organize regular activities to enrich the learning and living experience of their roommates.