Intensive Spanish Course

30 , 20 or 10 classes + 5 complimentary cultural classes weekly

    Intensive courses are perfect for students of all ages who wish to learn as quickly and efficiently as possible through constant interaction. Students will learn how to use grammar in context through a wide range of activities including reading, discussions, conversations, viewing documentaries, listening to songs, watching films, etc.
    The complimentary cultural classes (+5) are workshop dedicated to a variety of topics that will open your eyes to the richness of Spanish history and civilization.

Intensive course + Workshops (20+5 lessons/week)

    , Which includes 20 group lessons + 5 cultural workshops on different topics & conversation classes per week.

Super Intensive + Workshops (30+5 lessons/week)

    , Which includes 30 group lessons + 5 cultural workshops on different topics & conversation classes per week.

Semi intensive + Workshops (10+5 lessons/week)

    • , Which includes 10 group lessons + 5 cultural workshops on different topics & conversation classes per week.

Business Spanish

This course is aimed at people who wish to acquire certain basic skills in Spanish for Business and are also short of time. You will study alongside active professionals taking the course to advance their careers, recent college graduates hoping to further their career, current university students and more.

Official D.E.L.E exam preparation

The D.E.L.E. diploma will give you an internationally recognized certificate of your Spanish level, particularly important if you wish to study at a Spanish university or work in a Spanish-speaking country.

Spanish & work experience internship

In the combined language and internship program, the aim is to promote the acquisition of high-level Spanish language skills and to provide candidates with professional working experience while fully immersed in a Spanish-speaking environment.

Premium program

The Premium courses are designed for individuals who require an accelerated intensive Spanish language course. The program offers you the highest quality Intensive Spanish course customized to your individual needs with expert personalized instruction and one-to-one teaching.

International Summer Camp

This well-structured program includes a monitor for every 15 students. The monitor is available 24 hours a day and takes care of any needs the students might have. Participants will enjoy an educational experience at some of the best facilities available and a combination of Spanish language courses with a full schedule of sports and leisure activities.

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