Before I came to CIP, I considered a lot of schools to study at. Then, when I finally decided to study at this school, I had several reasons in mind and there were two main reasons. One was the safety of the place and the other was the opportunity to be with diverse nationalities. It was the first time for me to learn English abroad, at the same time, it was the first time that I stayed long in another country. So, I reckoned safety should be prioritized rather than other things. With this perception I was satisfied and for this reason I appreciate CIP a lot. Also, I was able to have a chance to meet people from different countries. They came from Columbia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and many other countries. I learnt many other different cultures which include different special and native dishes, holidays, clothing style and many more. By talking to each other we did not only exercise our skills in English but we also shared information, knowledge and practices. It helped me to have wide and deep insights about things and become mature. I believe this experience will develop me to become better in the future.
Honestly, I was anxious when I arrived at CIP. Even though I have studied English since I was a junior-high-school student, I had not practiced speaking English before. It was obvious that I did not have confidence when I talked with foreigners. Nevertheless, I always endeavored to figure out what other people were saying and how I could clearly express my opinions. In addition, it would have been impossible for my skills to improve if teachers had not supported me. The reason that I have confidence is my teachers. They tried to understand my speech despite my grammar mistakes, and they patiently and properly reconstructed my sentences. Above all, 1-on-1 classes with Filipino and native English teachers really helped me very much. I became familiar with teachers as I attended their classes for 6 months. It made me comfortable to talk with them. Naturally, I struggled to keep a conversation during classes. However, I was motivated to speak and study English hard from my group classes. My classmates had their own purposes in studying. Sometimes, they were desperate to learn English. Their attitude and mindset towards their goals inspired me. I learnt new things and felt these changes daily in my group classes. I never became bored or tired.
I did many activities for 2 month in CIP. These were Sports Day, debate, English Only Policy (EOP) challenge, volunteer work and others. Everything left me precious memories. Some activities were difficult and challenging. However, they were all deeply carved in my heart. I will not forget everything that I did in CIP. That I am sure of. The period of time I stayed here became one of the most valuable pieces in my life. For these wonderful things I experienced I am deeply grateful.