Hello everyone! My name is Steve. I’ve stayed in CIP for 8 weeks taking the IELTS course. Spending my time in CIP has really been fantastic. I’ve met a lot of people from different parts of the world who eventually became my close friends. My English ability has significantly improved with the help of my native and non-native teachers who coordinated with one another in monitoring my progress. I’ve obtained better comprehension and widened the range of my vocabulary.

I have to say that my listening skills has improved the most. I’ve gained so much familiarity with the different accents, tones, and pronunciations of various speakers.

My teachers have taught me effective strategies to locate the answers accurately and immediately in the IELTS exam.

The environment within and outside the school was wonderful. There are facilities that made my stay extra convenient, a well maintained swimming pool, and a gym where i was able to exercise and play some sports without the need to go outside.

At first, I had the impression that going to the Philippines was dangerous, but my stay proved it wrong. The school provides transportation service to places where we wanted to go like malls or famous sites near the school. My CIP experience will always be one of my treasured memories.