My Experience studying English in Philippines has been great!!

From the first day, I can only speak well about CIP. Even though I almost couldn’t speak English, everyone cared for me well. I think it is a very big family. Teachers are always ready to help with the English, and staff are ready to do whatever it takes. I can only say thank you to everyone.

For me CIP set a very good experience. It is my first time to share everyday with people in different cultures. All the teachers and classes are excellent for learning. I don’t see favorites as for my teachers or classes, but all of them are my favorite. Equality is very important for me. CIP is really a great place to learn English especially for me as a beginner.

After six weeks, I can assure you that I have improved more than the first day. Despite the difficulties, you go alone to learn a language that no one could help you with in your own language, and that I have a lot to learn but thank you! It will not be so difficult to speak English in the future. It is an honor for me to be the first Spanish student from Catalonia to study with you. Thank you!

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