When the plane landed, I was excited to make new experiences and at the same time exhausted by the twenty- four- hour flight. I would be staying and studying English in Philippines for a month in a particular academy- Philinter Education Center. Mixed feelings came to me, for I was so far from home.

When I arrived at the school by taxi, a lovely woman received me with a smile. She offered me a bottle of water while asking me if I had an idea whether I was the only European person studying. Laughing, I answered her that I knew and prepared to meet new people.

At first it was strange for me. On the first day, in the cafeteria while having breakfast, all students were staring at me like I was a native English teacher which made me feel weird. But after sometime knowing wonderful teachers and meeting new friends, my peculiar feelings disappeared.

Now I can say that my experience in Philinter is incredible. I have learned and improved my English because of the good teachers, and I have made nice Asian friends who show me that nationality never matters to be a good person. Altogether, my stay and study in Philinter makes me really happy and satisfied.

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