We have been travelling for five months, and when travelling in Asia you need to speak English. The better your English is the more interesting are your escapades. That’s why we decided to improve our speaking skill and make our English fluent.

We chose CIP in account for a great number of natives. Taking into consideration of our needs and expectations, it was a good choice.

The biggest value and strength of the school are CIP teachers. They are friendly, joyful and helpful. The way they lead their classes is professional, interesting but at the same time, loose and stress less. The friendly atmosphere during the lessons favor learning a foreign language and support your will to study harder.

The second reason why we are really glad to attend CIP is that it’s the place where you can meet people from all over Asia. Our stay in CIP allow us to know exotic culture and habits of many Asian countries. When it comes to facilities the advantages are the swimming pool and covered court. What should be improved is the gym. Food is not bad because it’s really hard to serve meals which will satisfy an international group of people.

To sum it up, our stay at CIP is an excellent experience and we regret that we couldn’t stay longer.

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