I’m very satisfied with my CIP experience. I had the opportunity to meet other nationalities and learn about their cultures. If I have another chance to study in the Philippines, I would come back to CIP, because I always felt at home. I never became bored or tired during my 8 weeks stay and I would extend longer, if time permitted it.

The classes in CIP has 45 minutes and is perfect system for both teachers and students. Group classes are creative with Native teachers, and 1-on-1 classes are dynamic and very important to gain confidence.

There is a perfect combination between Filipino and Native teachers, for example, Native teachers brings western points of view while Filipino teachers brings more confidence to a low level student. Teachers are always ready to assist a student with concerns.

I feel I’m more confident with English and the ability to speak about various topics. I feel I can talk about any topic because I can find or think about a correct word to use.

i have never felt I needed to worry about my safety or other student’s well being during my stay in the Philippines. The school is a safe and friendly place. There are also many sports and academic activities I have joined. If you come to CIP, you can find many activities to participate in, which usually is lead by teachers.

I also love CIP because of its residential environment and it is located near many attractions. The school has smaller buildings and bright colours, the feeling is like a vacation, my mind is ate ease with my studies. I really enjoyed CIP and was not counting how long until my stay ends.

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